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Pontaby Abyssinians and Old Style Siamese
  Abyssinian breeder in Great Britain. Breeding Usual(Ruddy), Sorrel, Blue and Fawn Abys for 16 years.
Wildkatz Cattery
  Florida breeder of Abyssinian kittens in ruddy, red, blue, and fawn as well as Jungle Cats and Chausies.
Kemenkat Abyssinians
  A small cattery in Christchurch, New Zealand, specializing in ruddy and sorrel Abyssinians.
  Alexy Abyssinian
  Abyssinian cat and kitten breeder. Alexy Abyssinians have been breeders of Abyssinian cats since 1986. Breeder of Abyssinian cats and kittens in ruddy, sorrel (red, cinnamon), blue, fawn, chocolate and lilac.
  Cattery 't Wilgenhof
  Wij hebben een cattery van Abessijnse katten uit kampioenslijnen en soms hebben we kittens. Meestal zijn het wildkleur Abessijnen en soms een sorrel.
  Cheetara Abyssinians
  This the home page of Cheetara Abyssinians, a CFA registered cattery founded by Susan and Greg Baker
  Janaby's Abyssinians
  Breeder of quaility Abyssinians from Grand Champion lines in all four colors. Raised under foot with T.L.C. All kittens are registed CFA & TICA.
  Janalise Abyssinians
  Show/breed Abyssinian Cats in the UK
  Leotie Abyssinians
  Breeding for health and purrsonality since 1985. TICA and CFA registered. Home raised in northern Illinois.
  Melisani Abyssinians
  Abyssinian cat Breeders of Sorrel, Usual, and Blue Abyssinians in the Midlands, UK. Many pictures and information regularly updated, and links to many other sites.
  Saladin Abyssinians
  Breeders of Abyssinian Cats, we breed Usual, Sorrel and Blue. We have a weekly kitten page.Our kittens are bred for type, temperament and purrability.
  Shinkra Abyssinians
  Chatterie Shinkara, ?leveurs d'abyssins champions.
  Starcats Abyssinian Cattery
  It's about my cattery, Starcats Abyssinians. Starcats is located in South Orange County, Calif. and is operated by me, Regina Shaffer. I have been showing exclusively in CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.) since 1978.
  Stringapurrs Abyssinian Cats
  Cattery produces show quality and pet quality Abyssinian cats and Abyssinian kittens. We are located near Pensacola, Florida.
  Tailsend Cattery
  site of information about pedigreed cats, cat shows and cat clubs
  UnKamen Abyssinians
  Home of Unkamen abyssinian and somali cats on the web. Photos and pedigrees of our breeding and show cats can be found here.® Copyright network 2003-present. All rights reserved.